Karen Flanagan, owner of Sew Special Inc., has always loved being creative, even taking sewing lessons since she was 10. As the wife of a retired Army officer, she has had gained interior design inspiration from travels across the globe, including 3 years in Europe.

Every time that Karen would move, she’d take a different approach to decorating her new home from window treatments to upholstery and accessories. When she arrived at her most recent destination in Orland Park, she was flattered by friends, family and acquaintances asking her to decorate their homes.

Shortly after that, Sew Special Inc. was born!

Karen took courses at arguably Chicago’s biggest interior design hub, the Merchandise Mart to take her skills to the next level. From humble beginnings, she began opening accounts with shops at the Mart and many other big names throughout the country.

Over the past 25 years, many wonderful relationships have blossomed between Karen and her clients. She and her team, featuring professional installer Ken, experienced seamstress Paulina and upholsters Steve & George, want to give you a comfortable living space that meets your every need.